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Music - Songwriting & Producing

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She inspired us with "Authors Of Forever" and now
you have the chance to learn Songwriting & Producing
with the princess  Alicia Keys


This class  is provided by MasterClass streaming platform that's designed to be accessible for beginners, little experience & advanced students interested in songwriting & production. You will learn how to write lyrics, craft melodies & explore sonics so you can discover the music you were born to make
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Below is a brief description of the19 video lessons for Alicia Key's Songwriting & Producing Class with a total of 3 hrs & 22 mins
1- Meet Your Instructor
Alicia introduces herself and invites you to join her in the spaces where she pursues her artistry.
2- Alicia’s Musical Foundation and Influences
Learn the who, what, where, and why of Alicia’s inspiration.
3- Start With Melody and Lyrics
Alicia shares her methods and styles for developing lyrics.
4- Alicia, the Songwriter
Alicia talks about journaling, writing poetry, and drawing from your life to create.
5- Bring All the Elements Together
Alicia explains how “Fallin' ” came together and the intricacies of the songwriting process.
6- Connect to the World Around You
Discover Alicia’s approach to using connection as a way to hone your creative voice.
7- Songwriting With Empathy
Alicia demonstrates how she uses empathy to create powerful music.
8- Alicia, the Producer
Take a look inside Alicia’s sound booth as she discusses the roles she takes on to produce her distinct sound.
9- Vocal Arrangements
Alicia walks you through the strength in specific vocal arrangements.
10- Build Energy in the Booth
Alicia opens up about how she has developed physical, mental, and emotional practices to take care of herself and her art.
11- The Anatomy of an Anthem
Alicia shares her thoughts on what makes a song an anthem, and talks about the theme and tone of the “sad triumph.”
12- Alicia’s Retro-Futuristic Sound
Alicia explains how various influences have helped her develop her incredible sound.
13- Alchemy in the Control Room
Learn how Alicia explores her creativity through sonics and instruments in the control room.
14- Instruments to Boost a Big Sound
Discover Alicia’s favorite instruments and her methods for achieving her unique musical sounds..
15- Creative Collaboration
Alicia talks about the importance of collaboration and the role it can play in her creative process.
16- Sisterhood in the Music Industry
Alicia discusses discrepancies in the music industry for women and her efforts to create space at the table for voices that are silenced.
17- Rising Artist Spotlight: Joy Nesbitt’s “Echo”
Alicia offers advice to a young artist from her music organization, She Is the Music.
18- Power and Purpose
Discover Alicia’s personal philosophy of setting boundaries and listening to your body and intuition.
19- Always Be Learning
Alicia shares her thoughts on living a creative life and why evolution is the only constant.
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