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REVIEW – Juliet Callahan Sharing Wisdom Of Her Self Reflection In The Digital Age With "Heal"

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

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REVIEW – Juliet Callahan Sharing Wisdom Of Her Self Reflection In The Digital Age With "Heal"

New York City based singer/songwriter, producer and audio engineer Juliet Callahan is another amazing artist we’ve been vibing with for some time now, that caught our attention with her recent single “Heal”

Sharing the wisdom of her self-reflection in the digital age and how it has felt to grow up with social media

The track starts with a haunting melody dragging the listener slowly into the song, as Juliet starts laying down the lyrics with her unique smooth yet strong vocals

The lyricism touches on the moments where Juliet feels an obligation to be active online and put a smile on her face even when she’s going through something

The instrumental arrangement and production are very well crafted enhancing the song’s mood and adding depth to the overall musical piece

Quoting Juliet “ Social media is great for communicating with people worldwide that you might not have the opportunity to connect with but it is a double edged sword because it can also show you when you're being left out, give trolls an opportunity to hide behind a screen, and wear down on your self confidence. I know I’ve had many times where the amount of likes or views I’ve gotten has affected my idea of self worth. For people whose careers are somewhat dependent on social media marketing, it can be a lot of pressure to have to scroll through the feed, keep up with trends, post everyday without feeling the negative side effects of being on a phone for that long. It feels like more now than ever people treat social media following (attention) like a currency. I have been guilty of this myself and have seen it over and over again, but that is the reality of this day in age. So my point is to sometimes, take a step back, remember to make time for yourself to reset, and let yourself feel because social media is not real life. Showing emotion is not a weakness and don’t believe everything you see on your insta feed or FYP page. I want my listeners to know that if they’ve felt the same way they’re not alone and that social media does not define you”

You can give a listen to “Heal” below and make sure you give a follow to stay tuned with Juliet Callahan's future releases

REVIEW – Juliet Callahan Sharing Wisdom Of Her Self Reflection In The Digital Age With "Heal"

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