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REVIEW – New Year Jazz At Its Best With Dee & d'Z Way Of Trusting Life & Going With The “FLOW”

Nothing beats a relaxing day while jammin’ on some Jazz, but Dee & d’Z just changed that !!

With Dee’s impressive touching vocals along d’Z Jazz infused funk groove wave beats music, you get a positive & energetic tune that will just change the way you listen to Jazz music

Their single “FLOW” is all about trusting life and going with the flow, along a relaxing music video on the beach and the sound of waves, will just make you fall in love with this track

Bernadette Dengler (Dee) is an Austrian dancer, vocalist, and songwriter, living in The Netherlands. Hans-Peter de Zeeuw is a Dutch drummer, composer, and producer. Together they form a music duo.

Dee and d’Z met at a band rehearsal years ago. Although the band didn’t last for long, Dee kept following d’Z on social media while he was working on his solo debut album. After the release, she was very impressed of the final result. Not only because she dug the music, but she also liked the positive message of the songs. During the Covid shutdown, she reached out to him, saying that she would love to write songs together. After a while, they teamed up for a writing session.

The first time they worked on a musical idea from d’Z, there was no doubt this collaboration would last. Soon after Dee and d'Z finished writing some tunes, the two went to a recording studio to capture the music with the help of some wonderful, talented musicians.

FLOW is recorded in the Edge Tip studio (except for the vibraphone tracks), in Arnhem, The Netherlands, a recording studio, owned by Raoul Soentken. It’s the home base for producer d’Z where he records the tunes for his own projects. Dee wrote the lyrics & melody, sung, and co- arranged the backing vocals; d’Z wrote, and arranged the music, played the drums, vibraphone, and some keyboards, while producing the track.

All the songs that Dee & d’Z create have one thing in common: they all are about universal love, spirituality, and wisdom of life/life experience. These ingredients come with a jazz-infused, funky fragrance, preferably played by real musicians, including a high-energy horn section. Every writing session starts with a musical idea, played on the piano by d’Z, while Dee tries to channel the energy of the music to create a story, lyrics and a melody (not particular in that order).

When asked, Dee & d’Z describe their music as Positive Nu-Jazz. The songs have a live feeling in the tradition of Gregory Porter, Jamie Cullum, Incognito, and Steely Dan

Checkout the music video and get into the groove !!

You can give a listen to “FLOW” below and make sure you give a follow to stay tuned with Dee & d’Z future releases

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