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REVIEW – Rema Mixing Afrobeat Vocals With Selena Gomez In A Smooth Jazzy Collab For “Calm Down”

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Up-and-coming Nigerian artist Rema teams up with Selena Gomez in one of his biggest hits “Calm Down” going back and forth on a love connection, mixing Afrobeats with Pop in a smooth jazzy groove that will put you in a good mood

Selena’s sensational vocals really blended in with the beat, effortlessly harmonizing with Rema in a back-and-forth exchange between a mysterious woman and a man who wants to pursue her

Although it sounds like the original “Calm Down” at first when Rema starts singing, but the duo put some real magic that touches the soul in this ambient remix. Simultaneously once the song is over you just start it again, as if something is missing and you’re back looking for it, and the same goes with the music video as well

This explains why it hit the Billboard Hot 100 and proves a big success for this music genre in the future

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