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REVIEW – Taylor Swift’s self-loathing ‘Anti-Hero’ the lead single from Midnights.

Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated 10th album “Midnights”, with her lead single “Anti – Hero ” topping the charts with a delightfully kitschy, self-referential video and offering an honest glimpse into her insecurities.

The track is a mix of three different Swift eras. There’s the late 80’s lacquered synth-pop, the neurotic image analysis of reputation and the dense lyricism.

Keeping the production simple with a methodical drum loop and simmering synths , focusing on being haunted by her past mistakes . The verses are full of surprises !!

The music video is an anthem of true self-loathing, and ticking the deepest insecurities with deep lyrics that make you listen to it over and over trying to figure out the meanings behind it

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