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Hany Zaki

Founder,  Playlist Curator & Content Creator



Social Media Specialist & Content Creator



Submissions Admin & Content Creator

KMasters, short for



Started on Spotify as a team that loves music and decided to share their passion by digging deep to get the best music for everyone and that's where the name of our Spotify playlists comes from "Digger"

Once we got onto Social Media we started writing short reviews on the new music updated on our playlists weekly.

Along the way we met a lot of great artists that supported us through our journey and are honored to partner with Rock Edison music band

Larry Herring, singer, songwriter & guitarist for the band is more than just a friend, but a true mentor. With his trust & support in managing the band's Instagram & Twitter accounts we started getting more exposure and experience on Social Media

Our mission is to support indie artists by having their music on our playlists and sharing it along with our weekly updates by taking submissions through our Contact Us page



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