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Gardens represent freedom to grow your own food . Inspire
everyone around you and grow your garden with the "Gangster" Gardener Ron Finley  changing South Central Los Angeles


This class  is provided by MasterClass streaming platform that's designed to be accessible for beginners, little experience & advanced students interested in gardening. You will learn how to grow a garden and keep your plants alive as well as growing your own food & upcycle common household items into beautiful containers and planters

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Below is a brief description of the 10 video lessons for Ron Finley's Gardening Class with a total of 2 hrs & 7 mins

1- Meet Your Instructor
Community activist and self-proclaimed “Gangster Gardener” Ron Finley introduces himself, explains why we should all have reverence for nature, and reveals how growing your own food gives you freedom.

2- Planting A Revolution
Ron talks about his personal story, the challenges of living in a food desert, the critical role of healthy food, and how you can use gardening to create community and rediscover what’s really important.

3- Getting Dirty
Ron offers tips for turning compacted, nutrient-poor soil into fertile ground for healthy plants, and he teaches you how to maintain a compost pile. He also gets into soil testing and how to use bioremediation to decrease soil toxicity.

4- Creating Planters
Ron demonstrates how to upcycle common household items into beautiful containers and planters and then walks you through the essential tools that every gardener needs.

5- Grow Your Own Food : Greens & Legumes
Learn how to grow two of Ron’s favorite vegetables: kale and sugar snap peas. Ron tells you how to plant them as well as how and when to harvest them.

6- Grow Your Own Food ; Sweet Potatoes
Ron demonstrates how to plant sweet potatoes, discusses their resilience, and explains how to tell if they’re ready to harvest

7- Grow Your Own Food : Herbs
It’s inexpensive and easy to create your own herb garden. Ron shares which herbs are good for beginners, how to maintain a garden in a small space, and how to care for your herbs.

8- Increasing Your Bounty
Ron created an oasis in an urban jungle—one that would have cost a fortune if he had bought every plant. Ron shows you how propagation can be used to multiply plants, including cacti, succulents, sugarcane, and citrus trees.

9- How To Not Kill Your Plants
Can’t keep your plants alive? Learn how anyone can develop a green thumb as Ron covers proper plant maintenance and how to diagnose common issues, including root-bound plants and over- and under-watering..

10- Finding Your Creativity
Ron concludes by sharing his belief that everyone has a creative force within—and that gardens are the perfect place to unleash that creativity.

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Learn gardening online with educational learning videos
Self proclaimed & community activist “Gangster Gardener” Ron Finley teaches  how to keep your garden alive and the benefits growing your own food
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