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Train your mind and learn how
to think to see the world differently.
You will be equipped with methods
& tools so you can turn data into
information by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
The World's Most Famous
Astrophysicist- National Geographic
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However your life is now you can
do better by improving your
negotiation  skills. You will learn
all the strategies & tactics from
bargaining,reading body language
& Neuroscience to use & bend reality
by Chris Voss - FBI Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator
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He mastered his craft and now
you will see a side that hasen't
been shown before. You will
learn everything from choosing
the best herbs to knife skills
by the famous Gordon Ramsay
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No matter what level you are in
magic we've got stuff here for
everyone. You will learn the basic
principles of magic, sound
misdirection, palming, rope tricks
& cards by Penn & Teller
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You were not born to fit in, you're
born to standout, it's your life
worth to shine. Learn about self
love, confidence & joy that will
unleash the magic By RUPaul 
Drage Race
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If you have the bravery & ignorance
to get something done, then you
should take this class. Get the
confidence & inspiration to learn
what goes into each film by
Martin Scorsese – Oscar Winning
Director in his first ever online class
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It's a job by your imagination,
Oscar-Winning Natalie Portman
breaks down her most iconic roles
and shows you how to bring
real-life experiences into your
own acting, in her first ever online
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She inspired us with
"Authors Of Forever" and now
you have the chance to learn
Songwriting & Producing with
the princess  Alicia Keys
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