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Wellness - Sex & Communication

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This class  is provided by MasterClass streaming platform that's designed to be accessible for beginners, little experience & advanced students interested in a more pleasure-focused sex life. You will learn how to identify what you want, communicate your desires and discover new sexual adventures
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Below is a brief description of the 7 video lessons for Emily Morse's Sex & Communication Class with a total of 1 hr & 52 mins
1- Meet Your Instructor
Get to know sex educator and Sex With Emily podcast host Emily Morse and her mission to open the conversation around sex. She offers an overview of what you can expect to learn and invites you to think differently about sex.
2- Asking For What You Want
Emily offers strategies that make talking about sex easy and fun. From expressing desires and turn-ons to sharing feedback and fantasies, learn why honest communication is essential to a healthy sex life.
3- Take Control Of Your Orgasm
Learn how to think differently about pleasure. Emily offers insights into how to enhance and intensify orgasms through exploring anatomy, and explains the various ways people experience arousal and desire.
4- The Power Of Mindful Masturbation
Mindful masturbation is a way to reach new heights of sexual pleasure. Emily teaches you how self-pleasure can help you cultivate body confidence and self-love.
5- Keeping Desire Alive
Learn about the connection between chemistry and attraction and how to keep the desire alive by adding variety to your sex life.
6- Practicing Consent And Safer Sex
Learn how to practice consent and be a better lover to yourself and others.
7- Fun Ideas To Enhance Your Sex Life
Learn how to refresh your sex life by experimenting with sex positions, toys, oral sex, anal play, and kink.
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