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Science & Tech - Scientific Thinking

Train your mind and learn how to think to see the world differently. You will be equipped with methods & tools so
you can turn data into information by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
The World's Most Famous Astrophysicist- National Geographic


This class  is provided by MasterClass streaming platform that's designed to be accessible for beginners, little experience & advanced students interested in modern science & connecting with audiences. You will learn how to think like a skeptic, open your own mind through scientific literacy, distill data, and navigate bias to discover objective truths
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Below is a brief description of the 13 video lessons for Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Scientific Thinking & Communication Class with a total of 2 hrs & 14 mins
1- What You Know Is Not Important As How You Think
Meet your new instructor: world-renowned astrophysicist, Emmy-nominated host, author, and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson. Neil welcomes you and discusses the importance of scientific thinking and communication.
2- The Frontier Of Science
The frontier of science is a messy place. Neil takes you through the process of understanding the frontier’s landscape and explains the roles of hypothesis and theory in determining objective truths.
3-The Scientific Method
When we use the scientific method in the quest for objective truths, nature is the judge and jury. Neil shares some remarkable astrophysical examples of how this method plays out in real life and in our vast universe.
4- Be A Skeptic: Ask Questions
Asking questions is a tried-and-true component of scientific thinking. Neil talks about the processes behind informed skepticism as well as how to evaluate incoming scientific data..
5- Cognitive Bias
If you are human, then you are susceptible to cognitive bias. Neil defines some of the most common cognitive biases and reveals how our need to feel special may be getting in the way of our search for objective truths.
6- Beware Of Cultural Bias
Cultural biases and assumptions affect how we treat one another, but they may be harder to spot than we think. Neil provides examples of conscious and unconscious cultural biases and explains how to avoid them.
7- Our Systems Of Belief
Every personal system of belief contains identifiable biases that impact the ability to think scientifically. Neil talks about two of these biases and how inner beliefs can have a significant societal and scientific impact.
8- Scientific Measurement : Calculating The Incalculable
Neil explores one of his favorite subjects: scientific measurement. He distinguishes precision from accuracy and offers examples to illuminate the approximations that are inherent in any measurement.
9- Communication: It's Not Enough To Be Right
Communicating objective truths convincingly is just as important as using methods of scientific thinking to find them. Neil shares his personal reason for this belief and some of his favorite tools of communication.
10-Preparing For Your Audience
To properly prepare for an audience, you need to get detailed information about whom you’re speaking to. Neil discusses how to consider demographics and how that influences his message.
11- Communication Tactics
Knowing what drives your audience can set you up for communication success. Neil reviews some of the key “tool belt items” he uses when speaking to groups.
12- Inspire Curiosity In Your Audience
Stoking curiosity is an essential component of effective communication. Neil demonstrates how to make the strategic delivery of information a powerful tool in your communication arsenal.
13- The Future Of Our World
Neil presents his case for why scientific thinking and effective communication strategies are necessary for the progress of society—and why everything he's discussed is just the beginning of what's important to consider
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