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April Top Picks ( Week 1 ) - Tracks Of The Week - Music Station - New Music Weekly

Updated: 2 days ago

In this post we share the BEST Picks from our favorite artists across our "Digger" Playlists for the month

You're welcome to share your comments, suggestions / recommendations

Hozier explores the delicate balance between love and personal freedom in a nightly ballad with “Too Sweet”

An indie pop type beat by Emily Ricks with a crushing blow to the naivety we all possess when we are younger in “Farewell To My Youth”

Brian Berggoetz returns with an acoustic type beat in a catchy track with insightful and diverse hard-hitting lyrics in “Folsom Prison Blues”

An acoustic type beat by The Mack Brothers with a ballad that builds into an area-rockesque climax in “Sometimes Love Isn't All You Need”

Future, Metro Boomin & Kendrick Lamar soar at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart with a sonic warzone banger in “Like That”

The Nomadic return with an alt rock type beat in a melancholic ballad exploring the themes of big life changes in “All Changed”

A garage rock beat by Paytron Saint with a celebration of embracing the journey of life in “Carmilla Roll”

Anoush returns with an indie pop type beat diving deep into themes of awakening and self-discovery in “Brave Girl”

Twenty One Pilots drop a restless blast of power-punk that's all about fresh starts in “Next Semester”

A reggae type beat by Tende Kasha with a soul-stirring narrative woven with themes of broken romantic relationships in “Mr Liar” you can checkout the website from more great jams at www. Debut Album 2017 "INNER TUNE", Single 2020 "Peace n Love", Single 2021 "Shinning Star"

A punk rock type beat by Wexford with a driving anthem to the goalless wandering and self-doubt in one's life in “Change Your Mind”

Artemas crashes into the Top 10 Songs chart with an ice-cold disco-noir gem in “I like the way you kiss me”

A post rock type beat by Deep Dive Species with a cinematic ballad that is focused more on emotions rather than experimentation in “Adventus”

An alt country beat by Jefferson McDonald with a song about a bum from the 20s who hitches a ride on a train that goes wrong in “Another Damn Train Song”

Ariana Grande debuts her emotional music video that encapsulates the heartache of an ended relationship in “we can't be friends (wait for your love)”

An alt rock type beat by Twelve Days in June with a loud, guitar-forward song about the aftermath of heartbreak in “Numb”

A pop rock type beat by Cormac Liotta with witty lyrics harking back to early 2000s influences in “New Pedal”

Travis Scott And Playboi Carti drop a deep, dark dizzying fantasy music video with “FE!N”

Gary Dranow is back with a pop rock type beat in a captivating musical story depicting a teenager's dreams amidst the struggles of communist China with “China Rose”

Elery Twining returns with a dream pop type beat illustrating the experience of seeing through the eyes of Generation X kids during their childhood in “S B BUTLER”

Daughtry drop a hard-hitting track with iconic vocals carrying the weight on a universal tale of strength in loss with “Pieces”

April Top Picks ( Week 1 ) - Tracks Of The Week - Music Station - New Music Weekly

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