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REVIEW – Edie Yvonne Sprinkles A Super Edgy Tune With Glitter And Candy In “Delusion”

Updated: Mar 4

REVIEW – Edie Yvonne Sprinkles A Super Edgy Tune With Glitter And Candy In “Delusion”

15-year-old Angeleno singer songwriter Edie Yvonne releases her new single DELUSION, following her teen pop - anthems Girl Code and Queen Bee.


The track starts with a catchy dance pop tune that grabs the listeners attention getting them ready for a roller coaster ride on the dancefloor


Edie’s vocals perfectly match the catchy melody showcasing her unique skills and maturity that significantly impact the listener’s experience


The lyrics used are fun as they inspire thoughts and contribute to the song’s overall emotional impact by highlighting the complexities of being young and knowing more about yourself


With rhythm and harmonies that are very well-crafted complementing the vocals and enhancing the song’s mood


Drawing inspiration from a wide range of artists such as Mazzy Star, The Beatles, and Japanese Breakfast, Edie has developed her distinctive sound that is haunting, vibrant, and angelic


Edie has also starred in numerous short films, such as Kitty, which debuted at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. During the pandemic, she developed her first album, At Ease, a moving compilation of songs that served as a poignant reflection of her personal journey amidst such unnerving times.

You can give a listen to "DELUSION" below and make sure you give a follow to stay tuned with Edie Yvonne's future releases

REVIEW – Edie Yvonne Sprinkles A Super Edgy Tune With Glitter And Candy In “Delusion”

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