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REVIEW – Lil Uzi Vert Slams An Uptempo Mix Dance Track With Gothic Keys In “Just Wanna Rock”

Lil Uzi Vert fires up the charts with “Just Wanna Rock” marking his seventh top 10 hit. Although it doesn’t grab your attention when you first hear it, but the truth is it takes time till you get the vibe. The reason is that it rejects normal song structure, as the sound and hooks take time to worm their way into your heart

Once the lead synth line actually comes in, it has this light, airy feeling to it, as if time has slowed down. Then the kicks begin with an awesome bass as the rapper sounds super confident and animated over the top of it. Showcasing his skills and ability to craft catchy hooks and beats that pumps the adrenaline in your body giving you a huge boost of energy

The result is an uptempo mix dance track with gothic keys that clearly explains why it fired up the charts so far !!

Don’t miss out the music video and get that adrenaline pumpin' !!

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