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REVIEW – Lila Iké’s “I Spy” Remains The Best Way To Kick Out The Jams

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Reggae is one of the best music genres that helps you chill out and relax. This is where Lila Iké’s 2020 single “I Spy” comes in on our playlist's Top Ten countdown and remains the best way to kick out the jams with a glossy mix of Roots, Afrobeats and R&B

With soothing and dreamy vocals, Lila Iké never fails to captivate us into her own world and that’s what makes this track a regular on repeat

The chorus arrangement is very interesting and catchy as it’s being split in two parts, from a shimmering yet haunting percussion cut, to hard on the Afrobeats

The synth snaps when present, focus on the upbeats, almost imitating a kick one drop on the downbeats, while the snare hits offs before smacking down on both the upbeats. This distinct Afrobeats style creates the edginess the genre is known for

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REVIEW – Lila Iké’s “I Spy” Remains The Best Way To Kick Out The Jams With A Glossy Mix Of Roots, Afrobeats And R&B

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