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REVIEW – Miley Cyrus Lands On Pop With A Self Love Status In Her Groovy Promo Single “Flowers”

As we get ready for a fresh start for the new year, so does Miley Cyrus as she moves from the sound of ’80s rock and lands on Pop with a twangy disco funk in her groovy promo single “Flowers” , the first track from the upcoming Endless Summer Vacation album

The song is an anthem dedicated to self-love and with Miley’s stellar voice it just sounds as she’s giving us a hint to her current status

Despite the new style she still has the distinct tone that is truly ear catching and versatile, the music video is also self-empowering and very inspiring.

With sheer star power Miley Cyrus oozes so much charisma as she deals with self-help as a pitch for loving yourself first throughout the song with positive lyrics, although it’s clear that she’s pointing out to a breakup

Don’t miss out the YouTube music video that gained more than 20 Million views and get ready to dance with the upbeat melody !!

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