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REVIEW – Rich Chambers Gives Us A Hook-Laden Pop Rock Track Reviving Stories Everyone Can Relate To

We’ve been vibin’ with Rich Chambers for some time now and he always seems to impress us and exceed our expectations, with classic Rock N’ Roll that’s mixed and perfectly blended in a modern style giving us “Rock N Roll Reimagined” with his latest single “I'm a Fool for Lovin' You”

With a hook-laden pop rock track that revives stories everyone can relate to. Who hasn't loved someone that doesn't love them back and called themselves a fool for doing so?

“This song has been percolating within me for many years, says Chambers. “I didn’t give it much thought when I first wrote it, but after years of it continually bouncing around my brain with repetitive force that put Disneyland’s ‘It’s a Small World to Shame,’ I figured this song must have something, so I decided to record it. I have to say, I am quite proud of this little ear nugget I have written.”

And proud of it he should be. It is uniquely fresh, catchy, memorable, and full of the kind of toe-tapping energy that real rock n’ roll seems to always possess.

Rich Chambers, who hails from Vancouver Canada has been on a roll as of late. With a discography of over 13 songs on Spotify with combined streams in excess of 3 million, total YouTube views for all of his videos at over one million, and Facebook and TikTok profiles that have gained over 85,000 and 30,000 followers respectively in just the last six months, it is evident that there is an audience for his brand of Rock n Roll.

Check out the music video and see for yourself why Rich Chambers is quickly gaining a huge worldwide following

You can give a listen to “I'm a Fool for Lovin' You” below and make sure you give a follow to stay tuned with Rich Chambers future releases

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