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REVIEW – Robbie Rapids Delivers A Dark Lesson In Love About Being Hypnotized To Obey

With snake charming melodies and Alice in Chains type riffs, Robbie Rapids caught our attention with “Babylonian Dragon”. The music video is very well produced, visualizing the story of a nightmare / fantasy about meeting a woman online, getting hypnotized /drugged, and ending up handcuffed in an unknown location. All fun and games until realizing you are being held ransom & must transfers a large sum of money. You have heard of playing with fire, this is playing with the Babylonian Dragon!

Robbie Rapids is a singer/guitarist from Grand Rapids, MI. From guitar in high school Jazz band, cover song master, to writing original songs; Robbie performs at numerous occasions publicly under many band names. Best known for fronting a Tom Petty Tribute because of the similarity of his voice and musical taste; now he is releasing his own songs. Robbie’s teamed up on this one with prolific top session musician/producer David Levene, to create a song that pulls from their favorite decades of classic rock influence.

David’s musical journey began when he joined the psychedelic rock band “Laghonia”. Laghonia’s music is still being played in commercials in England even today. After 2 records and touring to support the albums, a young David Levene left the group to return to the US, he studied recording technology, pursued his music career, and gained more experience as a session player/producer. In 1996 David left the LA scene settling in Atlanta where he now is the owner of Big Sound Productions ATL.

Checkout the YouTube music video with Robbie's vocal warnings to stay away from this woman !!

You can give a listen to “Babylonian Dragon” below and make sure you give a follow to stay tuned with Robbie Rapids future releases

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