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REVIEW – The Sensations Of The Musical Internet PinkPantheress & Ice Spice In The Perfect Collab

It all started back in November with PinkPantheress Tik Tok video that went viral “Boy’s a liar”, until Ice Spice ( the people’s princess of hip hop ) decided to jump in and team up with a bubbly remix in “ Boy’s A Liar Pt. 2”

For the past two years, PinkPantheress has built a solid style of electropop, just like you hear in the nightclubs. With the upbeat drums track and stomping club bass, that immediately caught the attention of Ice Spice making this collab as perfect as ever

The track is about a less-than-truthful guy who keeps leading on his girl, making her question whether she was ever good enough.

As the chorus hits in, it takes you back in a time machine to the 2000’s, bringing out repetitive chiptune triplets and twanging instrumental that evokes a daydream nostalgia

With PinkPantheress soft and hypnotic vocals and the oozing charisma of Ice Spice as she raps using her own unique signature, that makes this beat so fun and addictive

Don’t miss out the music video and get ready for a daydream nostalgia !!

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