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April Top Picks ( Week 2 ) - Tracks Of The Week - Music Station - New Music Weekly

Updated: Apr 15

In this post we share the BEST Picks from our favorite artists across our "Digger" Playlists for the month

You're welcome to share your comments, suggestions / recommendations

Shakira & Cardi B reveal their long awaited collab with a feel-good pop flirty song in “Puntería”

A dream pop type beat by Xenia capturing the euphoria of sun-drenched days and balmy nights in “Sunshine In July”

Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus duet a classic song with their distinctive voices blending perfectly in “II MOST WANTED

Giardini Oort is back with a cinematic type beat aiming to repair DNA, bring peace, and foster wellness in “Arogya”

Rich Amiri hits the Billboard 100 Chart with catchy beats in his breakthrough single “One Call”

Parham Gharavaisi is back with an alt rock type beat with a cover of the original version “Dirge for the Planet”

With a more laid-back feeling Linkin Park drop a bittersweet symphony with a catchy tempo in “Friendly Fire”

A soul type beat by Issara taking listeners on an emotive exploration of female empowerment and camaraderie in “Woman”

Alok & Bebe Rexha team up and immerse listeners in an electrifying journey through dynamic beats and riveting vocals with “Deep In Your Love”

A folk type beat by 23 Fields with a powerful yet jaunty track that balances acoustic with hints of electric piano in “Berlin”

Olivia Rodrigo laments over her current boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend with a gritty hit in “obsessed”

An indie rock type beat by Palmer exploring the balance between home's pull and the call of the beyond in “Ghost Town”

With a heavy, churning beat Sexyy Red races to the Billboard Hot 100 charts with an explosive banger in “Get It Sexyy”

April Top Picks ( Week 2 ) - Tracks Of The Week - Music Station - New Music Weekly

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