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Interview – New Rockstars Attic Theory Take Us On A Deep Dive Into Their Latest Single

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Interview – New Rockstars Attic Theory Take Us On A Deep Dive Into Their Latest Single

We are pleased to have award-winning Alternative groove rockers Attic Theory for this interview.

Their latest single ‘Papier-Mâché’, taken from the band’s highly anticipated forthcoming debut album ‘What We Fear The Most', features a guest appearance from Kevin Martin; lead singer of multi-platinum selling rock band Candlebox. Candlebox have sold over seven million albums worldwide and are best known for the chart topping singles ‘Far Behind’ and ‘You’. Candlebox are currently on tour with 3 Doors Down and are preparing to release their final studio album, ‘The Long Goodbye’.

Q: The hard guitar riffs throughout the track and the solo near the end are one of the best we came across and that’s what really caught our attention, so we figured out there must be a story behind it?

Attic Theory: The story behind the hard-hitting guitar riffs and solo in "Papier-mâché" is that they are not just embellishments, but essential elements that elevate the emotional journey depicted in the song. Through our lyrics, we delve into themes of pain and resilience, crafting a vivid portrayal of the struggles individuals face. The aggressive guitar riffs serve as a sonic representation of turmoil, raw frustration and anger. However, it is the solo near the end that truly becomes a moment of catharsis. With intricate melodies and his meticulous attention to detail, our guitarist Peter creates a sense of liberation and empowerment, allowing the listener to feel a profound connection by conveying the essence of the lyrics through his solo.

Q: Are there any rockstars or bands that inspire you to play such awesome rock music?

Attic Theory: Attic Theory, as a band, draws inspiration from a plethora of legendary rockstars and bands who have shaped the music landscape. One profound influence on our heartfelt and powerful songs is Candlebox. Their emotive lyrics and melodic compositions have undeniably played a significant role in our ability to craft meaningful music. Alice in Chains, with their unique blend of heavy riffs and haunting melodies, has inspired us to experiment with different sonic textures, resulting in our distinct sound. Incubus, with their genre-defying approach and introspective lyrics, has driven us to constantly evolve and embrace our individuality. The raw energy and aggressive sound of Sevendust have ignited a fire within us to create intense rock music. These legends have become an integral part of our musical DNA, fueling our drive to create music that resonates with our audience. Attic Theory is forever grateful for their inspiration and committed to carrying their torch on our musical journey.

Q: Can you take us on a deep dive into “Papier Mâché “and describe your creative process in writing the song and the meaning behind it?

Attic Theory: "Papier Mâché" has been a journey into the depths of emotions and introspection. The creative process behind this song involved delving into the raw emotions and experiences that shape us as individuals. The meaning behind "Papier Mâché" lies in the fragility of human emotions and the masks we often wear to protect ourselves. It explores the idea of vulnerability, the intricate layers we construct to hide our true selves, and the transformative power of art. Through this song, we aim to invite listeners to peel back their own layers and embrace their authentic selves.

Q: What skills have you gained that help you perform effectively as a band?

Attic Theory: I have always valued the power of practice. Stepping onto the stage, I am filled with an electrifying energy, ready to unleash it through my voice. Countless hours of vocal training have expanded my range, control, and confidence, enabling me to explore various styles. Understanding music theory has been crucial in analysing our songs and finding harmonies that elevate our sound. Yet, a remarkable performance surpasses technical skills alone. Connecting with the audience is vital. My stage presence and performance techniques have taught me to command the stage, using body language to convey emotions. When that connection is formed, it's magical, as the energy bounces back and forth, fueling our performances. These skills have become the foundation of our success and hopefully leave a profound impact on our audiences.

Q: What would you do if your audience looked tired or bored during your performance?

Attic Theory: Recognising the significance of connecting with our audience, I am fully aware of my responsibility, as the frontman, to keep them engaged during our performances. If I happen to observe any signs of fatigue or disinterest among our listeners, I will swiftly take action to revive their energy. My approach would involve direct interaction, urging their involvement, and fostering an atmosphere brimming with excitement and enthusiasm. We would also curate our setlist and infuse it with more dynamic and vibrant songs, captivating the audiences undivided attention, leaving them thoroughly entertained and wanting more.

Q: What's the best piece of advice another musician ever gave you?

Attic Theory: Throughout my career, I have been incredibly fortunate to receive invaluable guidance from fellow musicians. Among the plethora of wisdom shared with me, two pieces of advice truly stand out. The first was from Toby Jepson of Little Angels/Wayward Sons, who stressed the importance of trimming the excess from our songs. This wise counsel reminded me that brevity can often capture the essence of a musical piece. The second piece of advice came from Rob Town of Panic Cell, echoing Joe Perry from Aerosmith: "Don't bore us, get to the chorus." This simple yet profound statement emphasised the significance of captivating and memorable hooks to capture the audience's attention and make a lasting impact. These words not only influenced my approach as a singer but also shaped the way Attic Theory creates its music. We strive to deliver engaging and impactful songs that resonate with our listeners.

Q: Who's your ideal musician to collaborate with and why?

Attic Theory: If I were given the incredible opportunity to choose my dream collaborator, it would undoubtedly be Kevin Martin from Candlebox. What's even more astonishing is that this dream has become a reality, and it still feels like a surreal experience. Kevin Martin is not only an immensely talented musician, but he also possesses a unique vocal style and an enchanting stage presence that I deeply admire. Working alongside him was an absolute honour and an extraordinary chance to learn and grow as an artist. Each band member has their own musical idol they would love to collaborate with, such as Tim's admiration for Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains, whose iconic guitar riffs and songwriting abilities would undoubtedly push our creative boundaries and result in a powerful and impactful sound. Similarly, Peter's admiration for Benji Webbe from Skindred would inject a fresh and thrilling dynamic into our music with his electric stage presence and unique fusion of rock, metal, and reggae. Collaborating with any of these musicians would be a dream come true for our band, as each of them brings something truly special to the table and their influence would undoubtedly elevate our music to new and extraordinary heights.

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As we get to the end of this interview we want to thank Attic Theory for this great opportunity.

You can give a listen to ‘Papier-Mâché’ below and make sure you give a follow to stay tuned with their future releases

Interview – New Rockstars Attic Theory Take Us On A Deep Dive Into Their Latest Single

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