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June Top Picks ( Week 3 ) - Tracks Of The Week - Music Station - New Music Weekly

Updated: Jul 1

In this post we share the BEST Picks from our favorite artists across our "Digger" Playlists for the month

You're welcome to share your comments, suggestions / recommendations

Eminem releases a catchy track from his forthcoming album with an overall good sense of rhythm in “Houdini”

An indie pop type beat by Monotronic wrapping listeners in a melody that produces pure adrenaline in “Sun Song”

Jane N’ The Jungle is back with a hard rock type beat along heavy hitting truths, loud guitars and an infectious energy in “GTFO”

Loveless tackle the feeling of being overwhelmed by life's challenges but ultimately empowering listeners to persevere in “I Love It When It Rains"

A reggae type beat by Jay Blakcs with a unique style that quickly captures the listeners attention in “Luv Di Gyal Dem”

Harry Kappen returns with an alt rock type beat in an urgent appeal to humanity to slow down and contemplate with “Cool Down”

R3HAB teams up with Jason Derulo in a song all about wanting to have a good time with someone you miss in “Animal”

Star Persona return with a hard rock type beat in a song about a riot dog that participated in almost every anti-austerity protest in Greece with “Loukaniks”

President Street return with an electronic pop type beat in an upbeat melody and catchy lyrics creating an irresistible bop in “Love Me (Like I Want)”

Myles Smith sends listeners to a serene night under the stars with emotional vocals that speak of love and recognition in “Stargazing”

An electronic pop type beat by Sunstroke Rain in a song made to remind us that life, nature and its creatures are such fantastic creations in “Life is sacred”

A soft rock type beat by Tessa Lee with a lonely plea to stick by each other and to support one another in times of need in “Dear Friend”

A super power collab by Central Cee & Lil Baby with an aggressive drill banger in “BAND4BAND”

A groove coaster by iHop Borders seamlessly weaving together intricate melodies and dynamic rhythms to craft a sonic experience that transports listeners to a world of limitless creativity in “Waning Crescent”

A dub type beat by ZOOLOOK pushing the boundaries with an eclectic blend of musical beats in “Lo-Fi IRIE”

Pearl Jam drop their signature anthem with an energized version of their legacy in “Waiting For Stevie”

An afrobeat type beat by ZiGGi Recado with a celebration of movement and communication through dance in “Sign Language”

David Guetta & OneRepublic drop a remix of “I Don't Wanna Wait” that would go hard in festivals and get you dancing all night long

June Top Picks ( Week 3 ) - Tracks Of The Week - Music Station - New Music Weekly

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