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March Top Picks ( Week 1 ) - Tracks Of The Week - Music Station - New Music Weekly

Updated: Mar 6

In this post we share the BEST Picks from our favorite artists across our "Digger" Playlists for the month

You're welcome to share your comments, suggestions / recommendations

Beyoncé unveils her banjo and pedal steel, leaning towards country music with her glamour, poise and anti-ironic feeling in “TEXAS HOLD 'EM”

Robert Vendetta is back with an alt pop type beat in a danceable song all about letting go of worries in “Breathe”

A pop rock type beat by Chandra in a song about empowerment with a fun music video in “I'll Be There”

Natalie Jean is back with a country rock type beat in a powerful and relatable track that explores themes of freedom and having a good time in “The What For”

Kanye West teams up with ¥$, Ty Dolla $ign, Rich The Kid and Playboi Carti to switch gears and soar up the Top Charts once again with “CARNIVAL”

The Project returns with a glam rock type beat in a throwback with all the finesse of the best of modern productions in “Hope”

A rock pop type beat by Mel Gaynor depicting the tale of the archetypal shirker, eternally running away from his responsibilities in “Run”

A hip hop beat by JuuJaan showcasing the aspects of a unique style in “Love is Alive”

The Warning deliver one of their most raw and powerful performances with searing guitar solos, thunderous drumming and pulsating bass in “Sick”

An indie pop type beat by Spirits of Saturn oozing with synthesizer & string melodies weaving together like a neon tapestry in “Transfigured”

A rap rock type beat by SEER SEEKER in a song about energy and passion in it’s unique way with “LIGHT IT UP”

6ix9ine Teams Up With Yailin La Más Viral Dancing A Catchy Rhythm With Soothing Melodies And Playful Lyrics In “Pa Ti”

A hip-hop type beat by New York’s Keogea featuring Ezzyo from LA with a nostalgic breath of air blending old with new in “THRU THE NIGHT”

Andy Smythe is back with a pop rock type beat raising the awareness of mental well-being in the farming community with “Leaves to Burn”

Miski’s First Hot 100 Single “My Love Mine All Mine” Is An Artist Depiction Of Love

A hardrock type beat by Honor Among Thieves with a message of not letting the world beat you down and turn you into someone you don't recognize when you look in the mirror with “Down”

An alt rock type beat by Trish Discord in a powerful, hauntingly beautiful, yet dark and melodic song in “Ever So Holy”

Guns N Roses “Civil War” Remains One Of The Best Classic Golden Oldies Legendary Hits

A synthwave type beat by Krauw delivering a sonic journey that defies convention in “Madness”

A retro soul type beat by Munk Duane highlighting the difficulty of dealing with loved ones as they age in “We've Talked About This Before”

Featuring fun rhyme schemes and cold, easy-to-deliver bars, Jack Harlow heightens his career with “Lovin’ On Me”

March Top Picks ( Week 1 ) - Tracks Of The Week - Music Station - New Music Weekly

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