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REVIEW – A Trademark Morgan Wallen Guitar Lesson Packaged In A Unique Way With “Last Night”

If it’s your first time hearing Morgan Wallen, then you’ll just try to figure out if it’s his voice or the guitarwork gracing the airwaves

His latest single “Last Night” is describing a conversation that depicts a couple’s last night together. With his trademark voice & guitarwork that’s packaged in a unique way , it's just a lesson learned to anyone that wants to play a nice hybrid of country and pop

Lyrically, the flow and description he puts into this song helps paint a very clear picture of the story. One of the couple seems to hope for a reconnection, but there is too much doubt from the other that there is clearly an inevitability that this relationship is ending.

The song starts with Morgan Wallen’s southern accent adding to the flavor as the guitar pattern stays throughout the song, with other instruments gliding in particularly near the end. This is also accompanied by overdubbed vocals and the unique sound of a lap steel guitar.

The song itself does a fair bit of repeating patterns, particularly when you start to hear the guitar play the same progression underneath the body of the song, but somehow that adds charm to the song.

Don’t miss out the YouTube music video and enjoy the gracing airwaves !!

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