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REVIEW– Despite Its Release In 2021 It Still Feels Like The First Time Hearing The Warning’s “Choke"

Updated: Apr 2

If you’re looking for a track that rocks hard, then “Choke”, the Debut Single by The Warning is just what you’re looking for.

Despite it’s release back in 2021 with Lava Records but it has a become a daily on repeat track that we literally have been rockin’ on everyday since then, and every time you hear it just sounds like the first time !!

With vocals and lyrics that give you the chills, and firing high energy that can just make you easily move mountains with your hands after hearing this one, and that’s what makes it one of the best rock tracks of the decade in our humble opinion

The song is about drowning in your feelings and coming to terms with them. It's about feeling sad and acknowledging it, and while obviously making yourself feel better is a wise choice, sometimes we don't have the strength to, and that's okay

The Warning, is a rock band of three sisters from Mexico, Daniela (Dany) Villarreal Velez ( guitars, piano, lead and backing vocals) , Paulina (Pau) Villarreal Velez ( drums, piano, lead and backing vocals) and Alejandra (Ale) Villarreal Velez ( bass, piano, backing vocals ). They have definitely proven their presence in the rock scene and continue to……rock hard !!

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Noe Lara
Noe Lara
Mar 18, 2023



Greg Pourciau
Greg Pourciau
Feb 07, 2023

Great Review !!!!!!

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