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REVIEW – IZAMANYA Fire Up Electric Energy With Their Lead Single ‘Back To Life’

From Switzerland, Iza Loosli ( vocals ) & Many Maurer (guitar, bass) aka “IZAMANYA” give us a punch of power with their lead single “Back To Life” from their latest album “NEXT”

The track is packed with expressive power, from the guitars to the vocals and lyrics that fill you with an intense feeling of empowerment. Firing up turbo charged cylinders that will get you headbangin’ with the Rockin’ performance

In 2017 IZM released their first official CD “Second Life”. Since then, the band has rocked numerous gigs in Switzerland and abroad.

Using «unplugged» showcases (instore, radio, clubs & festivals) and diggin’ their provocative furrow in the rock/metal music field.

2019 marks the release of “Back To Life” from the current album “NEXT” . Package tour through Switzerland – Under One Hat Tour #1/2019

IZA LOOSLI – THE VOICE The expressive female voice of lead singer Iza lend the IZM – sound its distinctive character. She has already proven her musical qualities as a lead singer, songwriter and producer in different bands and Rock & Metal projects. MANY MAURER – GUITARS / BASS Many has been in the Swiss music scene for many years. He is a former member of the band KROKUS, and with its various projects, such as AIN’T DEAD YET, he is an experienced, acclaimed musician, as well as a producer, songwriter & engineer. REMO CADALBERT – GUITARS 2018 Remo caught the IZM rock n roll train. Since then he’s shredding the guitar riffs to complete the Izamanya Metal sound. Remo has rocked stages in various previous bands.

PETER HAAS – DRUMS Peter was already playing with Many Maurer during the Krokus-era. This collaboration never broke as a deep friendship developed.

Checkout the music video and feel the pulse of energy flowing through your veins !!

You can give a listen to “Back To Life" below and make sure you give a follow to stay tuned with IZAMANYA's future releases

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