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REVIEW – Roxercat Unleash A Rocking Plea In Mitigation To Take Back Control Of Our Minds & Beliefs

Nashville rock band, Roxercat are back with their six-song EP "Pearls” unleashing a rocking plea in mitigation for people to stop giving away their power to systems designed to distract, pacify and influence in “Crime”

With their impressive progressive rock style and a catchy music video they immediately grab our attention with a clear warning to take back control of our minds, beliefs and thoughts

Lead vocals Price Jones, gift for storytelling and composition and the band's polished musicianship come together to provide a very satisfying listening experience, touching on many themes, including life's challenges in a digital age, love, relationships, the paradigm shifts of life, and living through uncertain times.

The title song, Pearls, embodies Price Jones' worldview as a simple message: no matter the current status of relationships with the people who come and go throughout your life, you can still wish them happiness. "Life is about surrounding yourself with people that believe in you – and you in them – and always holding on to your dreams," says Price. With each lyric,

Price takes us on an emotional journey through life, constantly reminding us to stay in our power. Walk away from relationships that don't serve you, stand firm in your beliefs and resist outside influence, be aware of inevitable changes coming throughout your life and meet them with positivity in the knowledge that our hearts can and will heal. "That's just life.

Checkout the music video and enjoy the satisfying listening experiences !!

You can give a listen to “Crime” below and make sure you give a follow to stay tuned with Roxercat's future releases

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