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REVIEW – The Warning On The Warpath With Their Lead Single “Error”

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

With more than 30 Million Streams, The Warning are a band on the warpath and just proving they are the new rising stars of the Rock scene.

The trio Villarreal sisters from Monterrey, Mexico did not just earn the respect of Metallica themselves but Rock fans from all over the world.

Infusing Rock music with a much-needed shot of adrenaline and showing a whole new level of maturity, with their latest album and lead single “Error”

With a powerhouse performance and lyrics that are just deep and hard, they take us to the “Matrix” with their music video. Where “Error” is the glitch in the Matrix, or in other words, refusing to become slaves of the system and losing our grip on humanity

The track is blasting with energy as Paulina impresses us with her thunderous drum work, Danny leading the vocals and playing some really wicked guitar riffs and Ale backing up with her chunky bassline

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