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REVIEW – With Elegant Simplicity KPop Stars Fifty Fifty Capture Our Hearts With “Cupid”

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

The four-member female KPop group Fifty Fifty rise on the Billboard Hot 100 charts with their single “Cupid”. With elegant simplicity on a bed of percussion and synths they managed to capture our hearts showcasing an ear worming focused vocal range

Using a soulful ballad that points out the difficulties of finding genuine love and the disappointments after that many will relate in similar relationships. The chorus is very powerful with relatable lyrics and modest instrumentation along a catchy tune that makes the song suitable to be played at anytime and anywhere

The group’s vocal harmony is a real treat and they pull off this stylish sound very well, accompanied by a music video that’s very well produced in visualizing the story and pointing out that “Cupid Is Dumb” in a very expressive way to the frustration of failed relationships, in addition to the girls performance altogether make this an easy listening vibe to enjoy

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