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REVIEW – With Emotional Vocals & Raw Vulnerability Edie Yvonne Drops Her Latest Single “In the Rain”

REVIEW – With Emotional Vocals & Raw Vulnerability Edie Yvonne Drops Her Latest Single “In the Rain”

Edie Yvonne, is a 14-year-old singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles that seamlessly got us hypnotized with her emotional vocals, as she searches for internal peace with her latest single “In The Rain”

Edie wrote the song while trying to process a painful moment of conflict with someone close to her heart. Set amongst a bittersweet melody, “In the Rain'' masterfully captures the experience of working through a myriad of emotions. Offering an intimate window into her mind,

Edie Yvonne said she “wrote the song on a night during a loud storm in LA while trying to sit with the hurt and calm down the pain.”

With vibrant harmonies, a stripped-down guitar, and soul-stirring lyrics, “In the Rain” tells the story of a quest for inner calm amidst intense turmoil. Edie’s lyrical prowess and complex understanding of human emotions shine through as she navigates the intricacies of hurt in the face of pain. “I wrote ‘In the Rain’ after an argument with a loved one, processing the words, my responses, the fears projected onto me, the resentments, and trying to sit with those feelings when it’s someone you truly care about,” she explains. “I was trying to understand the emotions and hoping the song could provide some healing down the road.”

Through the new single, Edie Yvonne conveys the mental spiraling that arises in the aftermath of an intense conversation affecting authenticity. Her lyrics communicate a heavy sense of distress; finding yourself effortlessly swept away in the track’s melancholy yet hopeful melody. “In the Rain” was produced by Nick Sweden, Cormac Lotta, and Rrose Productions and is the follow-up to her spring single, “Stain.”

From a notably early age, Edie Yvonne was consumed by the world of music. Fueled by a deep inspiration from her Abuela, a renowned opera singer from Nicaragua, the two would frequently sing together, further amplifying Edie’s passion. Her evolving talents led her to delve into musical theater at the Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts, where she captivated audiences with her performance in musicals such as Chorus Line, Cats, and Xanadu.

Drawing inspiration from a wide range of artists such as Mazzy Star, The Beatles, and Japanese Breakfast, Edie has developed her distinctive sound that is haunting, vibrant, and angelic. At just 14 years old, Edie Yvonne is already making waves in the music and film industry. On track to make a lasting impact in multiple realms,

Edie has starred in numerous short films, such as Kitty, which debuted at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. During the pandemic, she developed her first album, At Ease, a moving compilation of songs that served as a poignant reflection of her personal journey amidst such unnerving times.

Edie uses music as a vessel to work through hardships and offers strength to those experiencing similar sentiments. Her single “Stain” was inspired by her experience grappling with the reactions of others towards her birthmark. As a reflection of her commitment to raising awareness through her music,

Edie Yvonne has donated a portion of the proceeds from "Stain" to the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation.

You can give a listen to “In The Rain” below and make sure you give a follow to stay tuned with Edie Yvonne's future releases

REVIEW – With Emotional Vocals & Raw Vulnerability Edie Yvonne Drops Her Latest Single “In the Rain”

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