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June Top Picks ( Week 2 ) - Tracks Of The Week - Music Station - New Music Weekly

Updated: Jun 18

In this post we share the BEST Picks from our favorite artists across our "Digger" Playlists for the month

You're welcome to share your comments, suggestions / recommendations

Alien Ant Farm carry muscle while staying mid-tempo, with a staccato vocal delivery in “Storms Over”

A heavy metal type beat by Post Death Soundtrack rousing invocation of spiritual weaponry in “Hammer Come Down”

An alt rock type beat by The House Flies taking listeners on a mesmerizing journey into their signature sound and artistic vision in “She Hums Mozart”

A classic rock type beat by The Communal Well with a song about starting over and accepting forgiveness and rebuilding in “Bound To Break”

Lenny Pearce totally reinvents and transforms the simple children’s tune into a high-energy club anthem with “The Wheels On The Bus (TECHNO)”

Rye Catchers is back with a rock pop type beat featuring the dynamic blend of Nikki Simmons powerhouse vocals soaring over driving basslines in “History”

A garage rock type beat by Tidal Water challenging societal norms with a fierce and unapologetic spirit in “Imperfection”

Pretti Emage returns with an randb type beat exploring the pain of moving on from a past relationship in “I Can't Love You”

Sabrina Carpenter departures from her recent endeavors with a finger-picking guitar style that fits perfectly into her discography with “Please Please Please”

Autorub returns with a classic rock type beat in an extremely melodic, catchy and unique rhythm that moves along in “Miss Mace (432hz)”

A country type beat by One Flew Over encapsulating the spirit of overcoming obstacles and emerging victorious against all odds in “Last Man Standing”

Kendrick Lamar drops a catchy bop focusing on the disputed secret daughter claim in “Not Like Us”

Sesler/Zeeb are back with a rock pop type beat emphasizing the importance of endurance and trust in a higher power in “If You Believe Me”

Gianfranco GFN is back with a groove coaster evoking the beauty and sleep of the beloved in “SOFT”

Van Halen remasters “Poundcake” in HD making far more effective use of power tools during the song's famous introduction

Anjalts is back with a synth pop type beat creating a hypnotic atmosphere that pulls listeners in deeper with each passing moment in “Sometimes the Angels Cry”

Love Ghost returns with a grunge type beat in an energetic and extreme track with “SCREAM”

Gracie Abrams releases the second single from her album with a captivating track, showcasing her soothing and effortless vocals in “Close To You”

Attic Theory return with a hard rock type beat in a powerful and emotionally charged song serving as a rallying cry for hope and resilience in “Dare To Dream”

An indie folk type beat by Patrick Simard with a soulful exploration of consciousness in “The Space Before”

Zach Bryan hits the top 10 of both the Billboard Hot 100 and the Spotify 50 with a feel-grievous summer hit in “Pink Skies”

June Top Picks ( Week 2 ) - Tracks Of The Week - Music Station - New Music Weekly

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