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REVIEW – Mick J. Clark Hits A Pop Song Score Sky-High With His Latest Single “We Know It's True”

Official 64th Grammy Album Nominee Mick J. Clark, returns with his new album “Causes” scoring a sky-high pop song in “We Know It's True”

The song raises awareness of the current global warming issues affecting our planet, and how we should all work together to leave the planet how we would like to find it

Mick’s vocals sound gorgeous ringed with lovely counter-melodies as the lyrics shift swiftly from oblique to incisive. The song concludes on a somewhat hopeful note in that change and progress is up to the will of the people

Quoting Mick “When I started work, there was a sign over one of the machines, it read, 'Please Leave This Machine How You Would Like To Find It'! I have never forgotten such a great quote and my song, called: 'We Know It's True', is about just that !

In addition to the Grammy nomination, Mick reached No3 in the UK, and No2 in the USA iTunes Top 100 Rock Songs in June 2020 with his Global Warning song, ‘We Know It's True’

Checkout the music video and move swiftly with the lyrics and melodies !!

You can give a listen to “We Know It's True” below and make sure you give a follow to stay tuned with Mick J. Clark's future releases

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