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REVIEW – Played In The War Front In Ukraine Insane Blue Give Us A Song About The Struggle To Survive

Just sitting back and watching the music video while listening to some high quality indie rock by Insane Blue, is the perfect projection about today’s struggle to survive

“Down With The Miracle” their latest single, is a song about war reflecting what’s really happening around the world and actually played in the war front in Ukraine, that alone makes this a special track and a daily “On Repeat”

Philippe and Paul first came together as Insane Blue just as the ‘90s got started, and started to take serious steps in ‘96 while at university. From then until 2003, the two of them provided the vocals and guitar and welcomed a plethora of guest artists to play alongside them. When they decided it was time to step back into the Insane Blue realm, they believed that was the way to move forward once more.

With a handful of singles, Insane Blue released their first album ‘A State of Mental Confusion’ on 4th December. Given that Insane Blue decided to regroup in 2020, they have had unexpected hurdles to overcome due to the current pandemic. But have done so with the support of several artists. Philippe and Paul worked alongside with musicians from Argentina, Belgium, Portugal, and the US. There was a clear idea of bringing several world influences into the project.

Checkout the music video and and enjoy some high quality indie rock !!

You can give a listen to “Down With The Miracle” below and make sure you give a follow to stay tuned with Insane Blue's future releases

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