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REVIEW – Rich Chambers Rock ‘N Rolls With His Latest Single “ You're A Nice Guy But...”

Rich Chambers lands on our playlist bringing us all the fun, excitement, and energy from the early days of rock n' roll in a uniquely fresh way, with his latest single “ You're a Nice Guy But...”

Giving us the perfect recipe on how to how to handle a break up, the song has fun with every cheezie break-up line delivered to us by a boyfriend or girlfriend trying to let us down easy

The music video is very catchy and the production is just awesome, where Rich starts up with a storytelling style that gets you hooked to keep watching before the chorus starts with the well known lines of a breakup and being just a “friend” LOL :)

Rich then plays one of the best “Rock N Roll” riffs we came across in a very long time with a very unique style and bombastic guitar work

It doesn’t end here but Rich actually flips the table at the end where he’s being the guy to break up now with the same fun cheezie break-up lines

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