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REVIEW – Sano Hill Portrays A Deep Expression Of The Power Of Love Within Us All In “Feel Love”

Singer-Songwriter Sano Hill based in Galway (Ireland) enchants us with his single “Feel Love” as he portrays a deep expression of the power of love within us all to overcome.

The song grabs your immediate attention from the very beginning once it’s played , with a swift melody and Sano Hill’s strong vocals, you just keep listening as the lyrics portray one of the most touching yet hard truths we face in our lives these days.

In our honest opinion the songwriting is really top notch, as it expresses how love can overcome the harsh reality we live in with a smooth and heart-warming technique, especially when watching the music video

Connecting with this aspect of ourselves, and realizing the interconnection of who we are with everyone and the world around us is crucial to the wellbeing and future of our world. In a time of great instability, war, and potential environmental catastrophe, this song is an appeal to 'feel love' again as a starting point for how we respond appropriately to what is going on in the world

The lyrics are inspired by what is going on today - the upcoming season of goodwill and the journeys home that many people take to family and friends is also an inspiration - but also the many millions around the world who have been forced from their homes (particularly in Ukraine but also parts of Africa, Asia and beyond) and the need to remember them also.

Checkout the music video and "Feel Love" !!

You can give a listen to “Feel Love” below and make sure you give a follow to stay tuned with Sano Hill's future releases

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