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REVIEW – SZA Is Back With The Whole Bloody Affair In Quentin Tarantino’s Classic “Kill Bill”

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

“Kill Bill” is trending all over social media and on top of the charts, however it’s not with Quentin Tarantino’s all time classic, but this time it's with the reborn black mamba by singer/songwriter SZA after a long five-year hiatus

Just like the movie plot is about the whole bloody affair and revenge, same goes with SZA’s lead single from her album, where she wishes to kill her ex-boyfriend and then maybe even his new girlfriend, as the lyrics in the chorus make clear

Listening to the track while closing your eyes, will make you picture the scenes with the black mamba “Uma Thurman” in the movie, as she slices anyone in her way with a “Hatori Hanzo” sword till she gets to Bill and takes her revenge

With the artist’s relationship ending leaving her vulnerable to plan and take revenge of her ex but this time it’s with her emotional and sensational vocals that will make you fall in love with the song

Don’t miss out the lyrics video that gained more than a million views in less than a week !!

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