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REVIEW – Unleashing An Epic Ripper Where Old Meets New With Metallica 72 Seasons

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

The rock titans Metallica unleash their new single, the title track off their upcoming album, “72 Seasons” with an epic ripper and a true master class in melancholy. With fast thrashing riffs and sudden change of directions between throwback speed metal, mid-tempo marches and anthemic chant-alongs that slow down the pace resembling the “New” Metallica meeting with the glory of the old days.

Blasting a frenetic, light-streaked performance video to their longest-ever song, giving it a headbanger’s jam that never feels boring

James Hetfield described the concept behind the album and song's title as a reflection on the first 18 years (or 72 "seasons") of a person's life. The first 18 years of our lives that form our true or false selves," he said. "The concept that we were told 'who we are' by our parents. A possible pigeonholing around what kind of personality we are. I think the most interesting part of this is the continued study of those core beliefs and how it affects our perception of the world today. Much of our adult experience is reenactment or reaction to these childhood experiences. Prisoners of childhood or breaking free of those bondages we carry."

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