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REVIEW – Allie Jason’s Daydreamy Single “Best Thing That I Ever Did”

Influenced by Jim Morrison, Lorde, Lana Del Ray & Billie Eilish , Allie Jason blends into our playlist with her latest daydreamy single “Best Thing That I Ever Did”

The song is a mix of heartbreak alongside empowerment making it worth listening to, especially with the exotic and smooth vocals that are perfectly laid with the emotional lyrics

Within the heartbreaking lyrics you'll find gratefulness "It broke me to fall of your grid, but it's the best thing that I ever did," showing how you can release yourself from a toxic or unhealthy affair to move on and become what you really want to be !!

Emotions are the root of all, this is the message Allie delivers in this track. So heal what has been tampered with, so that you can lead a life worth falling in love with.

Checkout the music video and get ready to delve into this song and surrender to its bliss and let it take over you, comfortably knowing that you're all you've got. So make your body, mind, and soul a beautiful place to live.

You can give a listen to “Best Thing That I Ever Did” below and make sure you give a follow to stay tuned with Allie's future releases

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