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REVIEW – Dirty Mitts Give Us A Motorocker Rock N Roll Old School Hit With Their Single “My Show”

The Dirty Mitts hail variously from the UK, Poland and Egypt and were brought together by a love of loud, old school Rock’n’Roll.

“My Show” was written in the dark ages of Covid’s first lockdown. Tommy and Mo (founding members of Dirty Mitts) were dreaming of a better time and gigging to large audiences! This is when they decided to put pen to paper and make the dream a reality with a high energy opening song welcoming everybody to ‘My Show’. The song is about freedom ‘Horses are running free’, and enjoying the moment ‘light it up here we go’ which was desperately needed at the time. The band wanted to create the feeling of breaking out and the buzz of something happening that everyone needs to participate in… which for Dirty Mitts will always be a rock concert!

With thumping energy, crashing drums, raucous vocals, Dirty Mitts leave no stone unturned in their decisively powerful and high-octane output. The band has decades of experience between them from being signed to touring in Africa, with fate leading them together to form the greatest rock band you just don't know yet!

Checkout the music video and get ready for some old school rock !!

You can give a listen to “My Show” below and make sure you give a follow to stay tuned with Dirty Mitts future releases

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