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REVIEW – Enter Sandman Marks First Time Rockin’ With Female Fronted Mexican Rockstars “The Warning"

Updated: Apr 2

As Metallica fans, we grew up on “Enter Sandman”, our favorite childhood song . With its deep meaning and lyrics that give you the chills, not mention Metallica’s power house performance that makes it one of the most on repeat tracks rock tracks to date.

In September 2021 Alessia Cara & The Warning team up for a cover of this classic song and without thinking we had to check it out and…… we were damn lucky !!

This day marks the first time we listened to the female fronted, trio sisters from Monterrey, Mexico “ The Warning” and we have been rockin’ with them since that day, so we had to share this occasion even if almost 2 years have passed since it’s release

The track starts with the swift and smooth vocals of Alessia Cara along Dany “Lead vocals & guitarist” of The Warning. Although the vocals are very impressive and keep you listening, but you’re just waiting for some kickass rock music, this is Metallica’s song after all.

Right after the first verse The Warning give us what we’re waiting for and do what they do best, firing up their turbo charged cylinders with some real hard guitar riffs and a lot of stamina that is fueled by Paulina’s drum work.

As old school rock fans, we like to give a close ear and a lot of focus to the bass player, considered as the “mystery soldier” for any rock band and without him the song is never complete. That’s where Alejandra comes in, with steady, hard and perfectly synchronized slap bass riffs, making her our favorite band member, with our love to Dany & Paulina of course.

Growing up on Metallica, Guns N Roses & Iron Maiden we can confidently say The Warning know how to mix old with the new rock adding a spicy Mexican flavor of their own and that’s why they have become our favorite Rock band of this generation, with all respect to the big names out there

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