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REVIEW – Pop Punkers “All Time Low” Give Us A Cure To Life’s Problems With A Fun Music Video

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Maryland pop punkers All Time Low released their ninth studio album “Tell Me I'm Alive”, with some of their most mature and powerful hits that you will adore

That’s where “Calm Down” kicks in, an emotionally-charged character-driven theatre show, all packaged up in a fun music video that will give you a relief from life’s problems. Frontman Alex Gaskarth's soaring vocals demonstrate understandable anxiety while the rhythmic drum and bass bed closes creating a pumped-up anthem

The lyrics talk about the problems and fears we run into through life and the best cure is simply to “Calm Down” and let things go, accompanied by the music video where lead singer, Alex Gaskarth wakes from a coma after a seismic shift in popular attitudes, and is terrified by the new normal of smiling through the pain... no matter what that pain may be, this continues where people both undergoing medical procedures, admin staff and porters aren't immune from the 'positive' vibes either

Although it’s our first time rockin’ with All Time Low but we definitely have them on our radar from now on

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