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REVIEW – With A Shoegaze Type Beat The Daytime High Have A Take On The Climate And Human Condition

Inspired by Classic Rock, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys & more The Daytime High give us one of the best slap riff bass played with their single “Reaper”

The Los Angeles band was formed in the summer of 2022 and grabbed our complete attention with their first single, while having a cheeky take on the climate and our human condition, which you can clearly see in the lyrics

The classic, psychedelic, garage rock style gives a unique shoegaze type beat that will easily get you hooked to this band. Least to say, this is their first single so we can’t wait to see what else they have got up their sleeves

The band members are Micael Johansson ( Vocals, Guitar, Midi ) David James ( Guitars, Vocals, Percussion ) Rich Buckland ( Bass, Keys, Vocals, Engineering ) and they are one of the best rock bands we came across so far

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